01 - Creating a New Tracking Link - Basic Settings

This video shows how to create your first tracking link by exploring some of the basic settings

02 - URL Variables Editor

This tutorial shows how to use the URL Variables Editor to easily add, edit or remove link parameters

03 - Adding Source Data to Tracking Links

This tutorial shows how to track source data

04 - Tracking AIDA

This article shows how to setup your pages to properly track AIDA

05 - Tracking Conversions for Your Own Offers

In this article, you will learn how to use ClickerVolt's conversion pixel to track conversions of your own offers and optin pages

06 - Track Your Affiliate Conversions

This tutorial shows how to use the postback URL to track your affiliate sales

07 - Using Redirect Hooks

Let's see how to execute custom code (like retargeting pixels) when sending traffic to your tracking links

08 - Creating and Tracking Funnels

In this tutorial, we will see how to create and track funnels composed of multiple pages.

09 - Creating an Optin Funnel

This tutorial shows how to create a funnel with an optin page, a thank you page, all followed by an offer.