Tracking Clickbank Affiliate Conversions

Before reading this article, make sure you've read this one.

Here is how to setup your postback URL in Clickbank.

Start by going to this section:

Then scroll down until you reach the section called "Integrated Sales Reporting" and click the "Add Tracking Code" button:

Choose the "tracking pixel" option from the drop down, then click "Add"

A new setting box will be added, and you will need to enter your tracking pixel URL:

To find it, go back to your ClickerVolt dashboard, and click the following copy button:

If will give you a URL looking like this:

Remove everything after the ? symbol, including the ? character itself.

You should be left with something like:

Enter that URL in the the tracking pixel URL field in Clickbank and select the 2 following options:

This will open a few more settings below this box, unselect all parameters, and make it look like this instead:

Click the save button.

It will redirect you to the previous page. Your postback is not active yet, so you need to scroll down until you reach that section again:

Click the green arrow button to enable it. You should see this:

All done! 

Now, whenever a sale happens on Clickbank, your ClickerVolt installation will receive the conversion information.

Note: Make sure you use our Clickbank integration when you setup your affiliate links, otherwise, no conversion data will be processed: