05 - Tracking Conversions for Your Own Offers

In this article, you will learn how to use ClickerVolt's conversion pixel to track conversions of your own offers and optin pages

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Written by ClickerVolt TeamLast update 4 years ago

For your own offers, once a visitor purchases or subscribes to your optin page, they normally then land on a thank you page that you control.

To let ClickerVolt track the conversion that just happened, you only need to paste a conversion pixel on that thank you page.

Each link has its own conversion pixel, and you can find it by displaying the "Conversion Pixels" tab of the link you want to track conversions for:

The one you need to paste on your thank you page is the "Pixel HTML".

Let's dissect the one from the screenshot above:

<iframe style='width: 1px; height: 1px;' src='https://demo.clickervolt.com/wp-content/plugins/clickervolt/pixel/do.php?slug=test-link-1&type=&name=&amount='></iframe>  

That pixel is displayed in a 1x1 iframe, that will be invisible on the page.

The URL of the iframe embeds these URL query parameters:

  • slug
  • type
  • name
  • amount

The slug's value is, as you have probably already guessed, the name of your link slug. This ensures that this conversion will not be tracked for another link view. 

The type parameter is optional, and is empty by default. This is an optional conversion type that you will be able to see in your reports. Values can be things like Lead, Sale, Upsell, etc... 

The name parameter is optional, and is empty by default. This is an optional conversion name. It can be used for tracking transaction IDs.

The amount parameter is also optional, and is empty by default. An empty value means a conversion amount of 0. If your product costs $99, you will set this to 99.

Now, as always, ClickerVolt tries to make things as easy for you as possible. Instead of letting you edit the parameters manually in that HTML code, there is a variable editor that you can use to automatically update your pixel:

After entering the 2 values in the screenshot above, my pixel becomes:

<iframe style='width: 1px; height: 1px;' src='https://demo.clickervolt.com/wp-content/plugins/clickervolt/pixel/do.php?slug=test-link-1&type=sale&name=&amount=47'></iframe>  

Notice how "type" got the "sale" value, and how "amount" got 47 for its value.

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