08 - Creating and Tracking Funnels

In this tutorial, we will see how to create and track funnels composed of multiple pages.

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Written by ClickerVolt TeamLast update 4 years ago

Simple Funnel: Landing Page to Offer

Let's start this tutorial with a simple funnel composed of one landing page and one offer. 

Here is how our landing page looks like:

Clicking that button will bring us to our funnel's offer. For this example, our funnel's offer will be ClickerVolt's home page.

To do this, we will create two links. One link for our offer, and one link for our landing page, like this:

We will then open the "Funnel Links" tab in our lander's link settings and add "funnel-1-offer" as a funnel link: 

This tells ClickerVolt that "funnel-1-lander" can send its visitors to "funnel-1-offer", and that we want these sub-clicks to be tracked.

Our simple funnel is already fully created on ClickerVolt's end.

There is still one step missing though: we need to put a link on our landing page's button here:

If we want to track these sub-clicks, we cannot use our offer page's URL. Instead, we will get our offer's tracking link from here: 

Copy this link and use it on your landing page's button.

Let's now get a tracking link, that we will post on Facebook for example, to send people to our landing page:

Let's try it... I will simulate some visitors to this link, with half of them clicking our CTA button to go to our offer...

After that simulation, here are the stats showing how the traffic moved through our funnel:

We can see that 100% of the traffic came from our "FB Ads" traffic source, and half of them clicked our CTA button to go to our offer page.

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