Blank Page When Using Cloaked Redirect Mode

If you ever faced a blank page when using the cloaked redirect mode, then here is the reason

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Written by ClickerVolt TeamLast update 4 years ago

In some cases, the "Cloaked (iframe)" redirect mode sends to a blank page:

This usually happens when you open your link on https protocol and the target URL you are using for this link has one step in its redirect chain served on the http protocol.

Browsers do not allow to display an http URL under an iframe served on https.

Here is an example target URL that I created to illustrate this:

In appearance, this URL above is an https one. However, if you click it, you will go through the following redirect chain:


Notice step 2, where the URL starts with http instead of https.

To check the redirect chains of your links, install this Chrome extension

After you install it, you can just enter your URL in the browser bar, press ENTER, and see the full redirect chain. 

You will then be able to find out if there is any http step like this:

Here are two different solutions when this happens to you:

Solution 1: Using an http version of your tracking link

If ClickerVolt gives you a tracking URL such as: 

Then just rewrite it to use the http protocol instead - like this:

Solution 2: Using an https version of your target URL

Sometimes, the protocol of the different steps in the redirect chain depend on the protocol used in the initial URL.

So if your target URL starts with an http link, just try using https instead. It might just work.

If there is no way for you to change an internal redirect step from http to https, then you are stuck and you will not be able to iframe that specific URL.

There is nothing you can do in such case, because browsers will simply never let you display a link that has an http redirect inside an https iframe.

Try to complain to your affiliate network whenever this happens to you - it's simply not acceptable to force http redirects in 2020 and beyond.

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