06 - Track Your Affiliate Conversions

This tutorial shows how to use the postback URL to track your affiliate sales

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Written by ClickerVolt TeamLast update 4 years ago

The tutorial below is for tracking affiliate conversions from networks such as MaxBounty, ClickDealer, AdCombo and the like.

For tracking Clickbank conversions, read this other tutorial instead.

ClickerVolt makes it very easy to track affiliate conversions in real time for most of the major CPA networks.

Setting up everything is done in 3 steps.

  1. Paste your affiliate link into ClickerVolt
  2. Tell ClickerVolt which affiliate network your link is coming from
  3. Copy the Postback URL ClickerVolt gives you and save it in your Affiliate Network as a global pixel

Let's see how this is done with a link coming from the M4trix network (register there, it's my favorite affiliate network by far).

First, I'll paste my affiliate link in my ClickerVolt's link settings, like this:

I will then click the "Vars..." button on the right side of that link, which will open the variables editor for that URL: 

In this variables editor, you can select the affiliate network your link is coming from. For this example, I'll select "M4TRIX", which will automatically add the right tracking tokens to my link:

Save your link.

You can then click the "Copy Postback URL" button, which will copy the Postback URL to your clipboard. 

After that, simply paste it into your Affiliate Network settings as a global pixel (this step cannot be shown here as it is different for all affiliate networks - refer to their support documentation if you're not sure how to do it).


Now, whenever a conversion happens, the affiliate network will send a notification to your ClickerVolt install and the conversion will appear in real time.

Currently, ClickerVolt has tracking tokens recorded for 51 major networks. If the one you're using is not available in the dropdown list, send us a feature request and we'll have it added in no time!

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